Social Responsibility

Pro bono advice
Using our core skills as a management consulting firm, we have advised managements of non-profit organizations on how to improve their performance.
Under this program, TASC has provided professional services to Beit Issie Shapiro, an organization committed to improving the rights of people with special needs and providing them with access to high quality services and programs. As part of our pro bono advice program, we have also assisted Nalaga’at Center, a unique culture and entertainment center operated by and supporting the deaf and/or blind community.
In addition, we encourage our consultants to volunteer their skills by providing advice to managements of non-profit organizations on how to improve their performance. This is done by participating in NOVA, a non-profit organization where professional consultants like ourselves lead teams of top students from business schools to assist various other social organizations. TASC consultants assume key roles in this venture every year.

Business school  

Coinciding our core consultant skills and desire to give something back to society we have develop a program to teach high school students basic business and entrepreneurship skills. The program is aimed at kids that are not necessary exposed to these types of skills in their home environment.   


We expose the students to the fundamentals of business, such as pricing, sales, marketing and planning in the context of starting one's own business during the durations of the program.


The project was launched in the Bialik-Rogozin school, which is comprised of students originating from over 50 different countries, mostly third-world, including a significant proportion of asylum seekers.


Recently we've expanded our activity to Remez High School that has a relatively low percentage of students eligible for graduation. The school is the only secular high school in Bnei Brak (orthodox city) and caters for student form relatively low socio-economic background.


We were fortunate to benefit from the cooperation of leading institutions including Tel Aviv University, Time to Know and the Gifts Project.


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