Career path

New graduates begin their career at TASC as Business Analysts. The transition period between levels is determined on a personal basis, but usually takes about two years per level.

Business Analysts – as a Business Analyst you will work as part of a team and acquire basic consulting skills.

Associate – as an Associate you will self-manage tasks and manage Business Analysts on larger teams. You will be able to perfect your consulting capabilities and develop client- relation skills.

Manager – as a Manager you will lead projects and manage consultants in their everyday activities. You will develop your client management skills as well as specialize in a specific practice.

Principal – as a Principal you will be responsible to lead larger project teams. You will continue to develop your client management skills as well as deepen your understanding in a particular area of expertise.

Partner – as a Partner you will head a geographic region or a practice, manage key client relations and develop new projects. You will be expected to expand TASC's client and knowledge base

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