Consumer Goods and Retail

Our Consumer Goods & Retail practice invests heavily in understanding the fundamental trends and challenges facing leading players of the industry, through proprietary research and analytical tools. We believe that a modern approach to retail management, rooted in a deep understanding of the ever-changing consumer, alongside an integrated approach to innovation across products and channels, are the key drivers of success in this highly competitive landscape.
We serve our clients through a variety of projects, based on proprietary frameworks and managerial tools, including a comprehensive suite of Retail Excellence management tools and Rapid Growth Engine Development Process, amongst others.
Our experience in the sector includes: conducting business and marketing strategies for leading companies within the consumer goods and retail industries all along the value chain – starting from manufacturers of consumer products through logistics operators to retailers and services providers, in developed and developing markets; as well as advising companies in their M&A activities, new channel development, pricing strategies, and more.
Our client base includes some of the world's largest food and beverages manufacturers, retail chains, electrical appliance manufacturers, car importers and services, private equity funds and others.
Selection of assignments of the Consumer Goods and Retail practice includes:
Performance improvement through retail excellence
TASC designed a retail and growth strategy for a leading player in the Israeli fashion industry. TASC's Comprehensive Retail Excellence Management tools include network optimization, category management, assortment management, sales force effectiveness and CRM, improvement in each different area of the business help to boost retail performance.
Retail and merchandising strategy
TASC developed a merchandising strategy for a leading convenience retailer following a thorough analysis and design of store clusters and formats. The process included customer segmentation, unique value proposition development, new product lines offering and pricing strategy.
Growth engine strategy
TASC designed a growth engine strategy for a global leading baked goods producer. The process included product portfolio development, setting marketing principles and developing retailing concepts
New products and services development
TASC assisted a food manufacturer and marketer who is active across the value chain in developing a full vertical business model. A new commercial and distribution strategy was developed as well as a new product line completely designed and developed.
New market and services developments
TASC assisted a leading car importer develop a new business as part of a long term growth strategy. The process included enhanced feasibility analysis supported by consumer concept testing and surveys.
Marketing and sales strategy
TASC assisted a consumer electronic group in establishing a direct respond marketing operation for a new line of advanced products. The process included customer segmentation, developing marketing and branding strategies, call centers scripts principals and more
Brand portfolio management, customer insights and strategy
TASC assisted a leading wine and spirits manufacturer in development of a brand strategy and redefining product offering and value proposition following a segmentation process. The brand strategy included repositioning company product lines and brand portfolio optimization.
Digital and multi-channel strategy
TASC assisted a leading player in the durable goods market in developing new retail channel supported by e-commerce strategy and the establishment of direct channels. The process included defining Key Success Factors, marketing strategy and strategic moves to mitigate risks from current customer relationships.
Merger acquisition
TASC supported a leading player in the electrical goods Industry in the process of acquisition, merging and strategy development for the merged company in different business areas including developing new long term growth engines.
Potential acquisition feasibility analysis
TASC was asked by a leading European private equity group to assess the attractiveness of an acquisition opportunity in the Israeli fashion retail sector. The assignment included a feasibility analysis of the retailer business plan, its assets and strength and its future growth potential.
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