Financial Services

The financial services practice at TASC consists of three sectors: the banking sector (including retail banking, corporate banking, private banking, etc.), the insurance sector (including general insurance, life and pensions, etc.) and the payments market (including cards, mobile payments, etc.).
TASC has assisted its clients in developing long term strategic plans, advising on international expansion, analyzing rationale in M&A (mergers and acquisitions) activities, developing brand differentiators and assisting in developing market and customer segmentation and related marketing strategies. We have helped clients develop channel strategies, formulate various product marketing plans and have assisted market players in developing regulatory strategies and more.
Our main clients in the financial services industry consist of local and international banks, insurance companies, card companies, international financial institutions, leasing companies, private equity investors, banking associations and more.

Selection of assignments of the financial services practice includes:
Devising a mortgage strategy
TASC devised a mortgage market growth strategy for a leading Romanian commercial bank
International expansion strategy
TASC constructed and implemented a rigorous methodology for selecting potential locations for launching new activities worldwide for one of the largest banks in Israel
M&A advisory
TASC advised one of the largest banks in Israel regarding the advisability of purchasing a bank in one of the purchasing bank’s target markets, as a means to enter that market
Business plan for remote banking channels
TASC assisted one of Israel’s leading banks in developing a business plan for its E-Banking and call center operations, in order to increase cooperation and improve the business contribution of these channels
Corporate strategy development
TASC helped an Israeli commercial Bank devise its overall post-merger strategy, and assisted the bank in translating that strategy into actionable work plans in specific areas of operation as well as in their ongoing implementation
Channel strategy and branch network optimization
Following a merger and a strategic plan developed by TASC for an Israeli commercial bank, we further assisted the same bank in drafting its multi-channel strategy and adapting its combined branch network to the goals laid out in the strategic plan
Reviewed development of secondary mortgage market
TASC assisted the IFC, the investment arm of the World Bank, in defining a new housing policy for the governments of Uganda and Ghana in order to overcome the market failures in their housing markets
Organizational re-structuring
TASC helped a Romanian commercial bank re-structure its organization and operations to better fit its newly devised business strategy
Marketing strategy plans
TASC helped a leading Israeli commercial bank develop and successfully execute marketing strategies targeted at specific client segments in the areas of retail, mortgage and SME banking
Regulatory strategy
TASC has been providing ongoing research, analysis and advisory services on regulatory issues to one of Israel’s leading commercial banks
Financing PPP projects
TASC has advised one of the largest insurance groups in Israel on the advisability of financing PPP-type infrastructure projects
TASC conducted a valuation of one of Israel’s largest commercial banks on behalf of a consortium of foreign investors who were considering purchasing that bank
Insurance market entry
TASC advised one of the largest business groups in Israel in their successful efforts to launch an insurance company and enter the P&C insurance market in Israel
Regulatory strategy
TASC provides ongoing research, analysis and advisory services on regulatory issues to the Israeli Banking Association
Corporate strategy
TASC helped one of Israel’s leading credit card companies formulate its long-term corporate strategy and translate it into actionable annual work-plans for the various business units
Organizational re-structuring
TASC advised the Israeli Post and the Israeli Governmental Companies Authority on the re-structuring of the Israeli Postal Bank, in order to allow it to achieve its strategic goals
Market entry strategy
TASC helped one of Israel’s leading credit card companies formulate its market entry strategy into an eastern-European market
Merger analysis & management
TASC analyzed the strategic and business viability of merging two of Israel’s leading commercial and mortgage banks, and designed and managed the overall post-merger integration processes
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