Selection of assignments of the energy & utilities practice


Financial restructuring of Israeli energy company 
TASC was asked to develop a financial restructuring plan for a large Israeli energy company with short term liquidity problems

Market entry strategy for a large European energy company
TASC developed a market entry strategy for  the Israeli gas market for a large European energy company

M&A advisory for integrated energy company                                                                
We undertook a detailed valuation of a large energy company as part of an M&A process TASC initiated

Business strategy for a large LPG company
TASC developed the business strategy for a large Israeli LPG company 

Assisting a large European energy utility in negotiations with the Romanian energy regulator, on setting electricity distribution and supply tariffs
TASC was asked to develop a methodology for setting these tariffs consistent with the regulator’s objectives and in line with international best practice

Bankable feasibility study of US$2.5bn gas pipeline 
TASC advised a government owned oil & gas company in central Asia on the commercial framework with Gazprom and different financing structures available

Reviewing European gas markets and estimating netbacks
TASC assisted a large European gas company in reviewing three of its largest export markets, as part of the preparation for new gas export contract negotiations

BOT tender for 700 MW CHP power plant
TASC advised a large chemical company in the process of tendering out the construction and operation of a large combined heat and power plant

International expansion strategy
TASC has assisted an E&P company in developing their international expansion strategy

Business strategy for water utility
We developed a business strategy for a large national water utility in the light of regulatory and structural changes in the markets in which it operates
Business strategy for large construction company
We were asked to develop their business strategy, in particular in relation to their concession activities in the water and energy sectors

Reform advice for vertically integrated electricity utility
TASC is advisor to the company on many aspects related to the upcoming reform, including assessing the advantages and drawbacks of different options for breaking up the company, advising on the optimal commercial environment post reform, developed a model to simulate electricity whole sale prices post reform, etc.

Large solar thermal company
We are advising one of the world's leading companies in the solar thermal field on a range of issues, including developing new revenue generators and tender advice

Desalination tenders
We have been economic / financial advisors to the Israeli Ministry of Infrastructure in their PPP program for the building and operation of over 400 mcm / year of desalination capacity by the private sector

Energy company business strategy
We advised a large energy company on their strategy in relation to their oil sector downstream activities

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