Selection of assignments of the communications practice


TASC conducted the evaluation of one of the largest telecom groups in Israel as part of its privatization process

Launch of new services
TASC created a business plan and go-to-market strategy for a leading telecom group in order to examine and execute the launch of mobile, ISP and ILD services

Three year strategic plan
TASC created a 3-year strategic plan for a leading telecom player; Mapped growth trends in the world, conducted in-depth analysis of the company and its competition and concluded with step-by-step strategic moves that the company implemented successfully. 

Regulatory strategy
TASC formulates various economic analyses, on behalf telecom players in Israel, both to the Ministry of Communication, as well as the Anti-trust Authority.

Organizational structure change
TASC led the telecom incumbent in Israel through the process of modifying its structure to reflect a shift from a geographical based organization to a functional structure.

Strategic alternatives analysis and business planing   
TASC assisted Israel's leading  commercial TV concessioner in analyzing its strategic alternatives, in light of recent developments in the Israeli commercial television market. 

Strategic plan for online activity
TASC developed a 5-year strategic plan for one of Israel's top newspaper groups, comprising of national and local newspapers, as well as printing activity; the strategy included operational, organizational and financial considerations

Corporate strategy and business plan
TASC developed a 5-year strategic plan for one of Israel's top newspaper groups, comprising of national and local newspapers, as well as printing activity; the strategy included operational, organizational and financial considerations.

Group strategy and examination of new and existing fields 
TASC advised the Israeli telecom incumbent on a new group structure and strategy, in terms of fields of activity, technological developments, regulation, competition and organizational structure.

Valuation and economic consulting for the buy-out of Israeli telecom incumbent
TASC advised a Joint Venture of private equity firms in the acquisition of the Israeli telecom incumbent, including economic analysis and valuation. The consortium submitted the winning bid

Economic analysis of moving manufacturing to China
TASC assisted a major international equipment vendor in analyzing the financial and strategic implications of moving its manufacturing activity to China under various operational models.

Feasibility study for laying Israel's second international fiber optic cable 
TASC conducted an economic feasibility study for laying a submarine cable outbound from Israel, which will result in a major competitive advantage and significant cost savings in the long term.

Sale of Israel's leading internet portal
TASC assisted the majorty shareholders in selling their stake in a leading internet player, including contacting potential buyers and handling negotiations.

Creation of an innovative tender for radio advertising
TASC assisted a major broadcaster in Israel in publishing a radio advertising tender, including economic analysis of all commercial and legal aspects.

Formulation of cost-based interconnect model
TASC created a LRIC cost-based model for one of Israel's top cellular players in response to the Ministry of Communications' initiative to reduce interconnect tariffs in Israel.

Feasibility study for acquiring Israel’s 4th cellular operator
TASC assisted a leading cellular operator in evaluating the benefits of acquiring the 4th cellular player in Israel, including technological, economic and anti-trust considerations.

Definition of technology migration path and 3.5G business plan
TASC assisted a leading Israeli cellular operator in determining the most suitable technological migration path from a CDMA network to a 3.5G HSPA network.

Strategy for activity in the field of IPTV 
TASC assisted Israel's incumbent and leading telco in planning the group’s business activity in regard to IPTV. The project demanded examination of the IPTV field in international markets, the company's current and future abilities, regulatory aspects and interactions between the company and its PayTV subsidiary.

Media and content strategy development 
TASC formed a complete media and content strategy for a satellite TV player, targeted at creating content-based growth in new media and a differentiation value proposition.

Marketing strategy for new WebTV broadcasting  
TASC developed a marketing strategy for the launch of WebTV offering as a new field of activity for a leading ISP.

Three year regulatory strategy 
TASC advised a European National Regulatory Authority for Communications in preparing a strategic regulatory framework for the Romanian electronic communications market for 2007-2010.

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