Strategy is about helping our clients decide where their business is going in the short and long term, how to compete in challenging markets, how to improve performance and increase company value for stakeholders and how to make the best use of the resources they have. Over the last years, TASC has played a key role in assisting clients across multiple industries define and achieve their strategic goals. We manage this based on our extensive experience in research, analytical analysis and synthesis, our deep understanding of global and local markets and our ability to create value and implement practical steps through fact-driven decision making.

Our experience in strategy projects includes: assisting our clients in entry into new markets, expanding existing activity and improving results in a challenging and ever-changing market and regulatory environment, defining corporate vision and goals, identifying and developing competitive advantages, growth engines and areas for improvement.

Our client base is comprised of the top 1 -3 players in each industry, such as leading mobile or telecoms operators, retail chains, manufacturers, financial institutions, content providers, national energy companies and many more.

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