Selection Of Assignments


Performed a bankable feasibility study for a mining and processing plant.

Evaluated the purchase of a transport company.
Central America

Reviewed the financial attractiveness of investing in an IPP project.

Financial evaluation of a $1bn parking project.
Advised on the development of a transport project.
Led a JV for a telecom equipment manufacturer.

Analyzed export destination for a large natural gas exporter.

Reviewed biodiesel opportunity.

Secured financing for a waste and energy project.


Evaluated WiMAX potential and analyzed an acquisition opportunity.

Advised  government on BOT road.
Advised government on mass transit system.
Advised government on 7 desalination tenders.

Corporate strategy for E&P company.

Financial analysis of a solar thermal consortium.

Reconstruction of the Broadcast Authority.

Advised on buyout of telecom incumbent.

Technology migration path for a 3G network.

E-banking strategy for commercial bank.

A merger between retail & mortgage banks.

Retail, mortgage & SMB strategies for a commercial bank.
Growth strategy for international food company.

Marketing plan for electronics manufacturer.

Due diligence of a retail chain.

Analyzed export destination for a large natural gas exporter.

Mapped opportunities in the waste to energy sectors.

Examined economic rationale to upgrade gas pipe.

Advised national energy group on cost allocation.
Feasibility analysis for private O&M in railways.

Financial advisory for 4 PPP road tenders ($4bn value).

Feasibility study for major road project.

Advised through a tender for the building and operation of an airport.

Advising the World Bank and MoT on introducing a PPP road project.

Reviewed an opportunity for the acquisition of a local bank.

Conducted costing assignment for a large oil and gas company.

Consulted Ministry of Transport on road PPP projects.
Valuation of the telecom incumbent.
Business strategy for a transmission wholesaler.

Advised telecom firm on  infrastructure and financing.

Restructuring the privatized telecom incumbent.

Analyzed Internet regulatory climate.
Puerto Rico

Financial restructure for a refinery & oil firm.

Advised a consortium bidding on a PPP road tender.
Consumer credit market entry strategy.
Regulatory framework for the telecom regulator.
Organizational structure for a retail bank.

Market entry strategy into the credit card market.
Assisted in negotiation for setting electricity rates.
Raising over €250 for a petrochemical producer.
Evaluation of a  privatized airport.

Business & operational plan in the mortgage market.

Evaluation of a $1bn parking project.

Advised on a petrochemical JV with Gazprom.

Prepared financial model and business plan for a PV solar panel factory.

Penetration strategy for international food company.

Plan for investment in oil infrastructure.

Evaluated a hydroelectric plants.
Uganda & Ghana

Financial analysis for a secondary mortgage market.

Reviewed opportunity for an acquisition in the banking sector.

Developed a market penetration study for a consumer electronics firm.

Analyzed the economic rationale of acquiring a wireless spectrum.